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Tenerife Yoga Retreat
'Heart Connection'

6-14th April 2024

We warmly invite you to Tenerife, island of the Heart Chakra. For one full week we will nourish our bodies and souls through yoga and meditation, delicious plant based meals, carefully curated group activities and connect with a group of likeminded spirits. If you are looking for time to relax, rest in nature, soak up the sun, mindfully move your body and be cared for with healing plant based meals we would love to have you with us.


Each day we will be balancing and working with one of the main seven chakras through yoga asanas, meditation and colorful delicious plant-based meals. In the afternoons we will deepen the work with the respective chakra and element through group activities and workshops. For example on the day of the sacral chakra we will connect with the element of water and experience a conscious whale tour meditating in silence with beautiful pilot whales and dolphins.


The package includes all meals, daily yoga & meditation, afternoon activities & workshops and accommodation in artistically designed and fully equipped apartments on a banana plantation in the sunny South of Tenerife, Alcalà.

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Our home for the week is a beautiful banana plantation in the South of Tenerife with a large outdoor yoga space. Carefully renovated apartments leave plenty of space for everybody to have "me time" besides the group activities. Through the plantation you can directly walk to the ocean, take a swim and watch the sunset on the horizon. You can decide between a single room for yourself or sharing a room with another participant.

All inclusive price single room: 1660€

All inclusive price shared room: 1440€


A typical day starts with silence in the morning at 8am. We're beginning the morning with our yoga and meditation classes, focussed around one chakra every day. Healthy delicious plant based meals are being prepared for us 3 times daily, nourishing our bodies. In the afternoon we are meeting again for a workshop or excursion to deepen our connection to ourselves through the respective chakra.

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Annika K., Switzerland

“The Heart Connection Retreat was a wonderful journey full of love. I highly recommend this week to everyone who wants to explore the beauty of life - within oneself and around. It was pure magic! I loved every part of it and I would go again immediately! :)"

You would like to join us?

Send me a message via What's App if you would like to learn more about the upcoming retreats in 2024.

I'm so much looking forward to seeing you there! Much love, Joanna

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