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Love Your Essence

Our essence is what stays when everything else turns silent.

When thoughts and feelings subside.

When we have learned to see, feel and make peace with ourselves.

Rooted in the knowing of who we are. 

The being behind learned patterns and programs. 


Remember who you are.

Make space for your dreams and desires.

Acknowledge how incredibly valuable you are.

And that you can design your life according to your heart's desires.

The time is now. 

Welcome to this space

I am Joanna and I am supporting you to follow the path of your heart.  To shed skins and identities that defined your life previously but that you no longer resonate with. To allow your essence to shine through and live a life that makes your heart sing. I am here to help you to see your value and perceive and prioritize your needs again.


Does this sound familiar...

  • You often act on what you "should" do and out of a sense of duty, rather than an inner freedom 

  • You are very empathetic and take great care to make everyone else feel comfortable

  • You hardly pay attention to your own needs

  • Feelings are often too much for you and you distract yourself

  • Your inner drive is often restlessness and the feeling of not doing or being enough

  • You have little faith in yourself and your inherent power

  • You find it difficult to allow really deep relationships

  • You seem to keep going in circles

How I support you

Together we look at what beliefs you have developed throughout your life and how they prevent you from living the life you deeply desire. We look at where you are right now and how I can support you in the best possible way to create space in your life again for you, your desires, love and joy. I support you in many ways - through meditation, bodywork with yoga, sound healing, energetic healing work and in wellbeing retreats.

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Yoga and meditation

In my intuitive yoga classes, I combine classic Hatha Yoga with elements of different styles, such as Yin or Kundalini Yoga. The result is a gentle and at the same time powerful flow that leads you into the moment and the connection with yourself. You get to know your body better and always remain responsible for yourself. I offer yoga in groups and in private lessons.


Heart-to-heart conversation

In a 60-minute conversation we talk about your current challenge and your heart's desires. What are you longing for and what are your challenges? We look at where you are right now and what beliefs are currently preventing you from making changes that are important to you. You get new perspectives and tools & activate your resources so that you can powerfully continue on your way.


Sound alchemy

Let the magic of sounds guide you deeper into your being. I am currently working on new offers - stay tuned.



What clients say


Beatrice G.

For me you have an incredibly warm, caring manner, which also affects your voice. Your guided meditation was one of the best I've ever had. You feel carried and guided and still have the inner freedom to go your own way. Your well-grounded knowledge and your wisdom in connection with your intuition helps me to develop in complete trust.

Marion O.

Since our reading of the Akashic Records I have been thinking of you every day, of the information that has been called up, of the impulses, of me !!!! I'm fine with it, everything resonates very positively and brings a pleasant movement into my life. I suppress less, take a closer look without putting pressure on myself. I felt comfortable, safe and in good hands with you. Your voice, your explanations that I could ask, it was all very consistent for me, even a little bit familiar. Something like deeper trust has developed in me.  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Mary L.

Joanna uses effective and varied methods that help you to connect more with your own being, to find out something about yourself and to look to the future with courage and confidence. In addition, the coaching can help to look at and solve very personal issues or to change the view on them. A wonderful experience that I can absolutely recommend to everyone! 


Joanna Maria, your guide on this journey

I support you to fully unfold

  • You begin to perceive your worth and needs again and to communicate them

  • You know what is really important to you in life and start directing your energy towards it

  • You can allow and enjoy the colorful spectrum of feelings

  • Your inner drive is life and your heart's desires

  • You are full of confidence in yourself, your strength and in life

  • You find it easy to connect with yourself and others

  • You can enjoy life again

  • You stop looking outside for answers and you understand that you are creating your reality


You are curious and would like to learn more?

Fragen & Antworten
  • Who are the conversations for?
    In general, the conversations are suitable for anyone who is willing to invite new perspectives into their lives, to be even more themselves and to try out new ways of responding to situations.
  • What topics can I bring into the conversations?
    The topics can be broad or very specific. For example, you wish to have more joy in your life and to enjoy daily pleasures. You find yourself in similar situations again and again, have already tried a few things and realize that with support it would be easier to initiate a desired change permanently.
  • How much does a conversation cost me?
    A one hour call costs 60 euros. If we meet for multiple sessions, we can agree on a package price.
  • Was ist ein FAQ-Abschnitt?
    Ein FAQ-Abschnitt beantwortet häufig gestellte Fragen zu deinem Unternehmen, z.B. „Wohin kann geliefert werden?“, „Was sind die Öffnungszeiten?“ oder „Wie buche ich eine Dienstleistung?“. Mit FAQ erleichterst du Besuchern die Navigation auf deiner Website und verbesserst gleichzeitig deine SEO.


Joanna Maria Walton

Freiherr-v.-Stein-Str. 6th 

91572 Bechhofen

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